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Lupus Fact Booklet


This information on Lupus represents information from Lupus Canada’s Facts booklet.

The funding for this booklet was provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant and is gratefully acknowledged by Lupus Canada, its member Organization and divisions.

We would like to acknowledge the support and reviews of Dr. Sasha Bernatsky to ensure the accuracy of the medical content. Additionally, our thanks are extended to the Lupus Canada Trillium advisory group, chaired by Cheryl Magnusson, who spearheaded the original Fact Sheet Project. The committee included Pamela Bowes, Anne Cyment, Jaclyn Law, Shelly Michano, Denise Mehta, Marketa Myatt, and Erin Woodbeck.

Receive Full Fact Booklet

Lupus Canada has compiled all fact sheets into one comprehensive free resource – Living well with lupus FACTS. Contact us by email at or call 1-800-661-1468 to obtain your free copy

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