Our Priorities

In the spring of 2008, Lupus Canada adopted what we call our ‘Pillars’ (what we do for people living with lupus) – Advocacy, Public Awareness and Research. We are committed to adapting the organization to focus on our pillars and the underlying objectives of each. Additionally, we committed to accountability and transparency to our stakeholders in all we do on behalf of people living with lupus.

Lupus Advocacy

What does it mean for us:

  • To educate people about their legal rights and entitlements

  • To work with politicians and government to enhance policies and legislation affecting people living with lupus
We’ve been advocating for lupus awareness primarily through our website. It’s a place where we share lots of helpful information in an organized and friendly way, making it easier for people affected by lupus to understand their condition and find support.

Navigating the world of government programs and benefits for lupus can be confusing, but we’ve gathered information at both national and provincial levels to help simplify things. Lupus Canada will continue to provide information on our website, connect you with our partner organizations, offer support, and raise lupus-related issues through discussions with politicians and various media platforms.

Lupus Awareness

What does it mean for us:

  • To inform and educate the public about lupus
Because lupus is not well known, it is imperative that we bring knowledge and awareness to Canadians so that they better understand lupus, allowing them to better support people living with lupus. Public Awareness of lupus has increased through the development of our various Public Awareness campaigns.

Our Ambassadors, Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Patrick McKenna and DeMar DeRozan, will help us garner much-needed media attention to help us move the vision and mission of Lupus Canada forward through increased awareness.

Lupus Research

What does it mean for us:

  • Funding to enable medical research to find causes, cures and treatment of lupus
Our strong and ongoing relationship with the Canadian Network for Improved Outcomes in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (CaNIOS) has provided significant opportunities to fund research and is fostering new relationships with other organizations so we may, in the future, reach and assist even more Canadians living with lupus with resources and information.

We have also challenged ourselves to allocate more money to research and to designate a portion of our fundraising efforts to research. Lupus Canada will continue to support research through our support of CaNIOS, which enables hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of research to occur.

Lupus Donation

What does it mean for us:

  • Investing in research, advocacy and education of lupus to develop awareness and better outcomes for those living with the disease.
Donations play a vital role in the lives of those living with lupus and are crucial to the mission of Lupus Canada. Each contribution supports high-impact research aimed at uncovering the causes of lupus, understanding its progression, and accelerating the search for effective treatments. By funding collaborative research, donations enable Lupus Canada to provide sustainable funding to some of the best researchers in the country. This research not only seeks to improve the health and lives of those living with lupus but also offers hope to their families.

Donations empower Lupus Canada to continue its vital work, making a real difference in the lives of those affected by this challenging autoimmune disease. Your support ensures that the journey toward a life without lupus is filled with hope and driven by groundbreaking scientific advancements.