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LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH 2024 CAMPAIGN – Raising Awareness, Inspiring Change

For equitable access to care and treatment

Lupus is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation that can target any organ in the body, in any individual, at any point in their lives. The cause remains unknown and a cure does not exist. Like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, diagnosing lupus can be challenging due to its diverse symptoms. Symptoms – appearing primarily between 15 and 44 years of age – can be complex and difficult to diagnose, resulting in the nickname: the disease of 1000 faces [5]. A lupus diagnosis can reduce one’s quality of life due to the inability to work, reduced social and family ties, and stress due to fear of the future.


Activity Guide

Join us throughout the month as we create the much-needed awareness for lupus. Share these Lupus Awareness Month Public Awareness initiatives to help build awareness in your community! 

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Social Media Toolkit

Lupus Canada has created a social media toolkit to help amplify and promote lupus awareness. We have created social media images and captions for all platforms for you to share with your family, friends, and colleagues. 

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Lupus Canada welcomes and encourages the support of individuals and companies who wish to support our national mission through their own fundraising initiatives.

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Get Involved

Wondering how you can make a difference? Here are a few ideas of how you can start your own fundraiser and a list of accessible activities so that every Canadian can participate in Lupus Awareness Month.

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