The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

On April 21, 2022 Lupus Canada hosted the “Benefits of Chiropractic Care” webinar presented by Dr. Heather Bailey. As mentioned in the webinar, the link for the Rapid Access Clinics for Low Back Pain is

Dr. Bailey graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012 with both honours and clinical honours. Her undergraduate degree is in Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) from the University of Windsor. Her first position as a Chiropractor found her working in downtown Toronto where she worked alongside a family doctor, physiatrist, orthopedic surgeons (specializing in knees and feet), kinesiologist and personal trainers. She has a very strong exercise and rehabilitation background, and believes the key to any successful recovery comes with changing how the body works through exercises. She also stays up to date on current research and “best-evidence” practices.

In July of 2015, Dr. Bailey took part in the PanAm Games as part of the volunteer medical staff, providing chiropractic services as well as assisting the first responders for the athletes, coaches and owners at the Caledon Horse Park.

Dr. Bailey is also a part of the Low Back Rapid Access Clinic, where patients receive rapid low back pain assessment, education and evidence-based self-management plans. It is designed to decrease the prevalence of unmanageable chronic low back pain, reduce unnecessary diagnostic imaging as well as unnecessary specialist referral. It also aims to reduce wait times for specialist referral when necessary. It is a part of the Local Health Integrative Network and is OHIP funded (referrals to this particular program must be made through a family doctor who is registered with the program).

She is a member of both the College of Chiropractors of Ontario and the Ontario Chiropractic Association.


Dr. Heather Bailey, B.H.K., D.C.

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