Cannabis and Lupus

On July 21, 2022 Lupus Canada was joined by Fonda Betts and Tanya Adams who discussed cannabis and lupus

Ms. Betts, Founder and CEO of the Greenleaf Medical Clinic (est. 2011), created the company’s vision of “Enriching and improving the quality of life for patients through the use of medical cannabis”. The company’s core values of leadership, passion, education and commitment are driven through the company’s promise of maximizing patient outcomes.

Fonda’s extensive knowledge of cannabis comes from studying Cannabinoids in Clinical Practice from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, patient assessments, and collaboration with cannabis physicians and industry leaders.

She has assessed and developed customized treatment plans for more than 15,000 patients. Her work and dedication have gained her recognition as a leader in cannabinoids.

Ms. Betts continues to focus on bringing the benefits of cannabis to all adults, whether they are patients, adult consumers or simply interested in learning more about cannabis and how to use it safely.


Fonda Betts, Master Cannabinologist (MC)

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