Thriving on Good Nutrition for Lupus

On September 22, 2022 Lupus Canada was joined by Tanya Freirich who presented Thriving on Good Nutrition for Lupus.

Tanya Freirich MS RD LDN CDCES is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in North Carolina. Tanya owns and runs a virtual private practice that serves people with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, and can be found online as “The Lupus Dietitian”.

With more than a decade of experience in nutrition counseling and a Master’s degree in Nutrition, Tanya Freirich is passionate about educating and collaborating with her clients to find their personal path to health. She helps her clients make personalized holistic dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce and eliminate flares, symptoms, and side effects.

In addition to 1:1 nutrition counseling, Tanya Freirich enjoys speaking to Lupus support groups, and runs a group coaching program, “Live Better with Lupus.”


Tanya Freirich, MS RD LDN CDCES

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