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Lupus Canada Ambassadors


Lupus Canada is honoured to have four very special people represent Lupus Canada as our Celebrity Ambassadors. Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Patrick McKenna and DeMar DeRozan are helping us create more awareness for lupus by providing their support and sharing the good work we are doing to help those living with lupus.

DeMar DeRozan

“As a recognizable athlete in Canada, I thought it is important to get involved to help my mom and aunt who are dealing with lupus.  I think it’s important to raise awareness for lupus globally.  Whether I support one person, or a thousand people, I’d like to inspire families to overcome their challenges and better understand what they’re facing.”
– DeMar DeRozan

Patrick McKenna

“Having Lupus directly affecting my family makes it easy to be involved with Lupus Canada — but I stay because of all the fabulous work they do”
– Patrick McKenna

Debra McGrath
Colin Mochrie

“We are involved with Lupus because we really believe that with money and focus, this terrible and complicated disease could become a thing of the past”
– Debra McGrath & Colin Mochrie

“As a lupus warrior, with a platform and opportunities to inspire others, I decided to get out of myself and inspire men like me who don’t really express much about the struggles of lupus, because it isn’t easy to cover. But what I do know is iron sharpens iron and we need more togetherness to be able to have STRENGTH TO ENDURE!!”
– Prosper Laguerre


Lupus Canada is fiercely committed to improving the lives of all Canadians living with lupus, their families and their loved ones by investing in the initiatives that bring us closer to dedicated treatments, and ultimately a cure. Given lupus can affect anyONE at anyTIME Lupus Canada recognizes that it is critical that we engage the youth demographic living with lupus across Canada.  As part of this initiative we are honoured to have Isaac Hall representing Lupus Canada as our Youth Ambassador.
Isaac who is now living well with lupus first showed signs of this debilitating disease at the very young age of 4 years old. Both Isaac and his family appreciate the importance of the work Lupus Canada is doing and through his role as our Youth Ambassador Isaac will help us to ensure youth living with lupus have a voice by sharing his journey, knowledge and experience with lupus.
To learn more about Isaac’s story please visit

“As someone living with Lupus, I’ve experienced the challenge it brings to everyday life. That’s why, since it is a cause close to my heart,  I understand firsthand the importance of the work Lupus Canada does. This wonderful initiative towards improving the lives of people with lupus is something I am grateful to be a part of, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”
– Isaac Hall

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