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Let’s Talk Lupus and Men Roundtable

Living with lupus can be isolating, especially as it is generally referred as an invisible disease. Lupus can affect anyONE at anyTIME in their lives and as such it is our hope to bring awareness and inclusivity to lupus.

Men living with lupus may be unsure as to how to communicate about lupus with colleagues, friends, and family. Many people do not know what lupus is and as it is an invisible disease, they may not understand why it may be difficult to carry out daily tasks.

During Men’s Health Awareness Month in June 2023 Lupus Canada’s Executive Director, Leanne Mielczarek and our Social Media Coordinator, Ariana Ranjbar had the opportunity to speak with Kerry Johnson, Isaac Hall, Miguel Jones, and Carlos Herrera about their lived experiences with lupus.

A video recording of the Roundtable discussion is available below for viewing.

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