Lupus Awareness Month Fundraisers
Lupus Canada welcomes and encourages the support of individuals and companies who wish to support our national mission through their own fundraising initiatives. We would also like to spotlight the fundraisers below and extend our thanks to the individuals, communities, media and celebrities that are making a difference this Lupus Awareness Month.

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1,000 Laps For Lupus: Swimming to Raise Awareness and Funds for Lupus Canada

Spearheaded by Isaac Hall, Lupus Canada’s Youth Ambassador, & Kate Nielson, Canadian National Swimmer, we are happy to introduce: 1,000 Laps for Lupus: Swimming to Raise Awareness and Funds for Lupus Canada.

From May 1st to May 10th, coinciding with World Lupus Day (May 10th), Lupus Canada is launching the “1,000 Laps for Lupus” campaign with Isaac & Kate, Lupus Warriors. Isaac and Kate will be leading the charge through their personal goal to swim 100 laps each day for 10 consecutive days, totalling 1,000 laps. Through their inspiration, we hope it will inspire YOU to get involved. If you would like to get involved please email Heather Coates, National Fundraising Development and Engagement Officer, at

Why 1,000 Laps?
Often referred to as the Disease of 1,000 Faces, lupus is an autoimmune condition that manifests differently in each person it affects presenting diverse symptoms and challenges. Isaac and Kate have set their personal goal of swimming 1,000 laps to symbolize the endurance required to navigate this unpredictable illness.

Don’t swim? Don’t Worry!

Your goal for this campaign can be personal and meaningful to you and your well-being. What is a goal that you believe you can achieve within the span of 10 days? Choose a commitment that resonates with you and will bring a sense of fulfillment upon completion. Here is some inspiration:
  • # steps/ day
  • # swimming laps/ day
  • # squats/ day
  • 1 dance/ day
  • 1 conversation about lupus/ day
  • 1 journal entry/ day
  • 1 share of a lupus fact via social media/day

The Details

  • Timeline: May 1st – May 10th, 10 days leading up to World Lupus Day.
  • Participant Commitment: YOU set the goal and see it through.
  • Fundraising: Consider fundraising for your efforts and as a method of spreading the word about lupus and its impact. ALL proceeds will support Lupus Canada.
  • Awareness: Leading up to, and throughout, the campaign, Lupus Canada will share educational content on our website and social media platforms. We will also highlight Isaac & Kate’s efforts in the pool to keep the inspiration going!
  • Call to Action: “What’s Your Goal?” Participants and supporters are encouraged to set a personal physical, fundraising and awareness goals. Whether it is raising a certain amount of money, spreading awareness to a certain number of people, or meeting your personal goal, EVERYONE can contribute in their own way. Look for support and accountability by finding a partner or creating a group!
  • Community Engagement: Lupus Canada will foster a sense of community among participants by providing a platform to share progress, stories, and achievements through social media posts and hashtags.
  • Celebrate: On World Lupus Day (May 10th), we will celebrate the finish line and the community’s accomplishments.

The “1,000 Laps for Lupus” campaign offers a meaningful way for this incredible community to come together to make a tangible impact in the fight against lupus. By coming together to swim, walk, talk, share – the list is endless! – we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this challenging disease. Join us in our mission to turn laps into hope!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Isaac & Kate for their incredible dedication. Not only are they swimming 100 laps a day, but they also conceived this innovative and inclusive campaign to support lupus research and awareness. Their passion and initiative are truly inspiring.

To help Isaac and Kate reach their fundraising goal please donate today at 1,000 Laps For Lupus Donation.

Learn More about Isaac and Kate


“Taking on the challenge of swimming 1000 laps for lupus holds profound significance for me. Living with lupus, swimming has been more than just a sport; it has been an outlet, providing solace and strength in the face of my illness since my youth. By embarking on this endeavour, I aim to not only push my physical limits but also raise awareness about lupus, particularly during May, designated as Lupus Awareness Month, with May 10th being Lupus Day. Swimming from the 1st to the 10th symbolizes my resilience and determination in the ongoing battle against lupus, inspiring others to join me in the fight against this often misunderstood autoimmune disease. Through this challenge, I hope to spark conversations, foster understanding, and offer hope to those affected by lupus, demonstrating that with perseverance, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.”
“Swimming has always been an outlet for me even in my darkest times. I’ve always set goals in swimming and it’s given me something I can always strive for and push for. Because of having lupus, swimming and exercising are not something that I will ever take for granted. That is why I am taking the challenge of 1,000 laps for lupus and to raise awareness for World Lupus Day in May. Please help spread awareness and donate to Lupus Canada.”

Two Charmed

The creativity and generosity of twin sisters Melissa and Ashley, lupus warriors, fuel this Two Charmed business. Through Lupus Awareness Month, Two Charmed will be donating 50% of proceeds from each bracelet sold to Lupus Canada. These beautiful bracelets are brass filled, Gold plated and are part of a limited run. Get yours before they are gone!

Creating Wanderings Lupus Awareness Fundraising Campaign

We are thrilled to be working with Creative Wanderings on their first lupus campaign, which is dedicated to raising awareness and providing education about lupus. At Creative Wanderings, lupus hits close to home. Both Jolene, and her mother are lupus warriors, and we’re passionate about making a difference in the lupus community. To support this important cause, Creative Wanderings will be offering a limited-edition box set from March 27th until May 10th, 2024. For every box set sold, as well as individual bars associated with the set, they will be donating 10% of earnings to Lupus Canada. Together, let’s raise awareness, support, and hope for those impacted by lupus. For more information, please visit .

#KickLupusOut Soccer Tournament

Register your team! May 18th, 2024 at Miller Park in West Lorne Ontario help to #KickLupusOut by coming out to raise funds for Lupus Canada. Together let’s make lupus visible and kick it out of the game! To register visit

Meet Dani

About Me!!! – The face behind it all!

My name is Dani Rohatuk! I’m 22 years old and living in West Lorne! I was diagnosed with lupus about 2 years ago after years of health problems and no answers. Getting my diagnosis was a mix of emotions. It was a relief to finally get an answer, but also scary as I didn’t know much about lupus at the time. The disease has affected many parts of my life and my body but mainly my heart. As most people do, I spent a lot of time on Google researching this autoimmune disease. Falling down rabbit holes, increasing stress and anxiety. Until I finally stumbled upon Lupus Canada’s website. I was finally able to get a better understanding of my new condition and be reassured I wasn’t alone in this battle. As someone struggling with lupus in my everyday life, I know how challenging this disease can be. So this fundraiser is super important to me and something I hold dear to my heart! It was then I decided to reach out to them to see how I could help! As some of you may know, there is currently no cure for lupus and still so much research to be done, as this is a disease with so many unanswered questions. All money raised will go directly to Lupus Canada to go towards research, advocacy, awareness and education! Help me help them! The way they helped me!

Amanda Chay, author of The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus

Navigating life with lupus can be challenging, but Amanda Chay offers a beacon of hope and a dose of humour in her book, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Lupus”. Lupus Canada is grateful that Amanda has pledged to donate 5% of the proceeds of her book sales within the month of May to Lupus Canada. Amanda’s personal journey as a lupus warrior and a parent to a daughter battling the same condition is at the heart of this transformative guide.

As an author, entrepreneur, and advocate for health, Amanda knows firsthand the challenges lupus presents. Through candid discussions about her own journey with lupus—embracing the challenges, celebrating the victories, and sharing strategies for resilience and simple steps to enhance one’s well-being—Amanda aims to cultivate empathy and support for individuals living with lupus and their support team. To find the book Amazon visit

Power Yoga Canada Oakville

Lupus Canada is honored to be the charitable recipient of Power Yoga Canada Oakville’s May Karma Class funds. These funds will support Lupus Canada’s mission in the fight against lupus through advocacy, awareness, research, and patient support. This generous gesture embodies the spirit of community and its impact will be felt beyond the doors of the studio.

Look for Karma classes on the schedule here:

Lupus is a complex autoimmune disease that affects over 1 in 1,000 Canadians. It knows no boundaries, impacting anyone, anytime, and any organ. Despite its prevalence, lupus remains widely underrecognized and underfunded, often leading to delays in diagnosis and inadequate treatment.

Together, we will raise awareness, inspire change, and make a difference in the lives of those impacted by lupus. To learn more, please email Heather Coates


Ottawa Marathon: Help Holly Raise Money for Lupus!


Holly’s Story

I’m a member of the board of directors for Lupus Canada and this year I am walking the Ottawa ½ Marathon (May 25th to 26th) to raise funds and awareness. Lupus is a debilitating disease and our organization is dedicated to all those living with lupus and their families. Lupus Canada tirelessly advocates for equitable access to treatment and to raise funds for research and scholarships. Your donation gives hope for a life without lupus.


Your fundraising efforts will directly support our cause, making a significant impact in the lives of those impacted by lupus. As runners, your dedication and commitment will help raise funds that enable us to provide crucial resources, support services, and research initiatives. Together, we can make strides toward a brighter future for those living with this challenging autoimmune  .

To make a donation please visit

Are you registered for the 2024 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and feel inspired to fundraise? Learn more about connecting your profile to Lupus Canada’s fundraising efforts.