Story by Tiziana Tolfo

My name is Tiziana Tolfo and this is my story on fighting Lupus.

Being diagnosed with a severe case of Lupus at 20, it sure wasn’t the way I had pictured my life to be. With high doses of prednisone and its countless and severe side effects, by the time I reached 32, I had gone through one fibular graft, two hip replacements, and two revisions. Not to mention the diabetes, the hair loss, the bloated face, etc. I am now, 37 years old, and am still on a wild roller coaster ride, but I am still dancing up a storm whenever I get the chance.
The most important thing I have learned about fighting Lupus, is to wake up with a smile every morning because I know that things will always get better. Family and friends played such a big role in helping battle this disease. Support is one of the most important things anyone can have when you are going through trying times like fighting Lupus. Having that strong support behind you, make those trying times easier to deal with.

The two most important people in my life are my husband of 15 years who has been by my side from the beginning. The other is my beautiful, miracle of a son who is 6 years old. As you may know, pregnancy and Lupus is probably one of the most difficult things that a young female has to deal with. My pregnancy was a difficult one, but the joy that my husband and I both experienced when Justin was born is indescribable.

My son is my inspiration. Even when Lupus has got me down and I don’t even have the energy to prepare his breakfast, just seeing his bright eyes and his smile, and knowing how lucky I am to have him, gives me that boost of energy to start my day and live each day to its absolute fullest. And this is just another day of fighting Lupus my way.

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