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Lupus Canada is seeking to gather 1,000 photographs of people living with lupus around the world to raise lupus awareness. Lupus is known as the “The Disease of a Thousand Faces” due to its wide-ranging symptoms and ability to mimic other diseases. Our goal is to create awareness for this debilitating disease so that folks better understand how lupus impacts not only those living with this disease but also how it impacts their family and friends.

Join the movement by taking a picture* of yourself so we can showcase the many faces of lupus. Share this campaign with your friends and through social media. We are also accepting stories of people’s journey with lupus.

Help Lupus Canada reach our goal by emailing a photograph of yourself and your story, should you wish, to or by using the form below.  Don’t forget to tag Lupus Canada on social media! Thank you to all who participated by sending in your photos. We are grateful to have received over 250 photographs from lupus advocates around the world.

*Lupus Canada will use the pictures and/or stories with the purpose of putting together a poster of all the submissions. Please note that we may also share the photos and stories on social media, on the Lupus Canada website and for other promotional purposes.

Alice’s Story

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