Competition Catalyst Grant 2017-18

Application Metrics:  3/6 Applications Funded

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Zahi Touma

Institution:  Toronto Western Hospital – University Health Network; University of Toronto

Project Title:  RIPK3: Improving the assessment and care management of everyday living limitations in adults with lupus related cognitive impairments: a multi-methods examination of activities of daily living.

Funding Received:  $18,000 Awarded

Project Lay Summary:  Over 35,000 Canadians live with widespread lupus related changes to body system functions and everyday activity involvement. One body system function area that can be affected is thinking skills. Cognitive impairments (CI, or issues in thinking skills) can include declines in memory, attention, planning, and thinking speed. It is estimated that up to two-thirds of people living with lupus experience CI. These changes can have a significant effect on daily activity involvement, which can then influence satisfaction with life. Currently there is no study examining the everyday activity function of people living with lupus related CI. Our research question is, do people living with lupus who do and do not have associated CI have different changes to their daily life? To address this question we will complete three studies. The first study will review all available studies examining daily life activities in people with lupus to identify possible lupus related changes. The second study will interview people with lupus related CI regarding how changes in thinking skills has affected daily life involvement. The third study will use a survey (developed from the results of study 1 and 2) to compare the self-reported daily activity changes of people with lupus and CI versus people with lupus and no CI.

The results of this project will improve future lupus care by providing foundational information to build more relevant and client-centered assessment instruments and treatment plans. This will help people stay involved in meaningful life activities and optimize satisfaction with life.

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