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Statement on Volunteerism

Definition of Volunteer

A Lupus Canada volunteer is anyone who performs a task at the direction of, and on behalf of Lupus Canada without compensation or expectation of compensation beyond reimbursement of approved expenses, in the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as satisfying to themselves. A volunteer must be officially accepted by Lupus Canada prior to the task. A volunteer shall not be considered as an official agent or representative of Lupus Canada unless specifically authorized.

Our Commitment To Volunteerism

Lupus Canada has been built on volunteerism and recognizes that it needs extensive involvement of both volunteers and staff to realize its mission.
Lupus Canada, as a national voluntary organization, in partnership with its members, promotes research to find the causes and a cure for lupus; advocates on behalf of the lupus community; facilitates and coordinates education and public awareness, and supports organizational growth and development.

Lupus Canada believes

  • That volunteers have a unique and essential contribution to make to all aspects of lupus work
  • That it is the complementary contribution of staff and volunteers which enables us to deliver a high quality service to people with lupus and their families
  • That the profile of our volunteer force should reflect the profile of the community in order that Lupus Canada can benefit from a wide range of skills, experience and perspectives and have the greatest impact upon the community
  • That volunteers should be able to participate in the work of Lupus Canada solely on the basis of their ability to contribute. There should be no discrimination on any other basis
  • That in particular those currently affected by lupus should be enabled to contribute their knowledge and skills through volunteering
  • That volunteers and staff will flourish in an environment of;
    • respect, listening and openness to new ideas
    • willingness to give and take criticism
    • responsiveness to the changing environment

Therefore, Lupus Canada intends

  • To develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude to volunteering throughout the organization, with a clear common vision of what we are trying to achieve
  • To reach a common understanding of the role of volunteering within the organization
  • To ensure that volunteering is led jointly by staff and volunteers and that volunteers are involved in all aspects of the organization’s work
  • To adequately resource volunteer activities
  • To enable people with lupus to participate in the work of the organization through volunteering

Lupus Canada recognizes the complexities involved in working with volunteers and therefore undertakes to ensure that all staff are required to accept working with volunteers as a condition of their employment and where appropriate, are trained to do so.

It also undertakes to adopt best practices in the recruitment, selection, orientation and development, ongoing support, evaluation and recognition of volunteers.

In addition, Lupus Canada undertakes:

  • To match the skills, experience and aspirations of volunteers to their work in the organization
  • To provide appropriate support for volunteers
  • To establish mechanisms to gain systematic feedback from volunteers
  • To establish and maintain clear, accessible channels of communication
  • To ensure that volunteers are not out-of-pocket as a result of working for Lupus Canada.
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