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Get Involved By Volunteering

Lupus Canada is a national association of regional non-profit organizations of volunteers dedicated to supporting people whose lives are affected by lupus. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the lupus movement and participate in many activities, events and committees. We welcome new volunteers to get involved with us. Work together, grow together – volunteer.

Values for Lupus Canada Volunteer Involvement

  • Volunteer involvement is vital to a just and democratic society.
  • It fosters civic responsibility, participation and interaction.
  • Volunteer involvement strengthens communities.
  • It promotes change and development by identifying and responding to community needs.
  • Volunteer involvement mutually benefits both the volunteer and the organization.
  • It increases the capacity for organizations to accomplish their goals, and provides
    volunteers with opportunities to develop and contribute.
  • Volunteer involvement is based on relationships.
  • Volunteers are expected to act with integrity and be respectful and responsive to
    others with whom they interact.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Lupus Canada volunteers have the following rights and responsibilities

Volunteer Rights

  • Receive adequate information and a clear job description
  • Be offered a suitable project, task or job
  • Have access to clarity of direction and/or direct supervision
  • Receive respect and support
  • Receive recognition and feedback
  • Be reimbursed for approved out of pocket expenses
  • Provide feedback regarding their volunteer role
  • Have personal information kept confidential
  • Work in a safe and healthy environment

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Be reliable and responsible
  • Consult with their committee chair and/or supervisor when necessary
  • Ask for support when needed
  • Participate in required learning opportunities
  • Support and abide by Lupus Canada’s policies
  • Appreciate and respect the confidential nature of information that may be acquired in the course of duties
  • Show enthusiasm, loyalty and belief in the work of Lupus Canada
  • Agree to work in a safe and healthy way and not jeopardize the health and safety of self and others
  • Inform Lupus Canada of any medical condition or special needs that may affect the volunteer’s ability to undertake certain task

Statement On Volunteerism

Lupus Canada has been built on volunteerism and recognizes that it needs extensive involvement of both volunteers and staff to realize its mission.

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Join The Board

The Lupus Canada board is currently seeking Directors. Of particular interest are individuals with a background in fundraising, advocacy, and finance.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Lupus Canada and our member organizations are always seeking volunteers for a variety of education, support and committee opportunities. Learn more about available volunteer opportunities with local lupus organizations.

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Lupus Canada is stronger because of you. Thank you!

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