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Lobby For Lupus: Voices For Change

We were a small but mighty group that landed in Ottawa on December 4, 2023 to advocate for lupus patients and their caregivers to discuss systemic progress, as well as disparities, as it relates to equitable access to care.

Lupus Canada was determined to educate key decision makers about lupus, how it impacts people living with this complex autoimmune disease and how many are unfairly faced with a choice between the extremely high cost of treatment and basic human needs, like rent or food. This should never be the case for any Canadian diagnosed and living with lupus.

United by a shared determination to make a difference; advocates, patients and allies joined forces ready to amplify the voice of the lupus community.

It wasn’t just about being present; it was about making an impact. Conversations were held, MPs listened, hearts opened and lived experiences were shared all to inform what needs to shift in lupus related policy making. A special thank you to our patient advocate, Jodie!

Together, we made strides. Policies were discussed, awareness was raised, and the lupus cause gained momentum.

The journey continues, and the path is clear. Lobby for lupus was a stepping stone, a catalyst for change. Our voices were heard, but the work is ongoing. In the days ahead, let’s keep the conversation alive.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Lobby for Lupus the success that it was. Your passion is the driving force behind the change we seek. Stay connected, stay engaged, and remember, it is together that we can make a difference!

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