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Get Involved And Help Solve The Mystery Of Lupus

Join Lupus Canada’s cause by staying informed, raising awareness about the disease, advocating for those living with lupus or participating in our events.

Ways To Get Involved

Everyday at Lupus Canada, we are helping to support those living with lupus through research, community initiatives, volunteerism and more. There are lots of way to take action and support our cause. Learn more on how to get started!

Make A Donation

A donation is the easiest way to support our mission, but there are many ways to give.


Start A Fundraiser

Plan your own unique event and raise awareness about Lupus in your community.

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Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Lupus movement and participate in many activities, events and committees.

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Advocate For Us

Learn more about Lupus and become an advocate. Partner with us and join the lupus movement.

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Attend Our Events

Support Lupus Canada at local events! View our events listings to learn more about local gatherings.

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Shop and Support

Lupus Canada merchandise is now available.

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