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My Lupus Guide

MyLupusGuide (MLG) is the first interactive website developed specifically for people with lupus. This website provides free access to reliable information for all ages and stages of lupus. Comprehensive in its scope, MLG provides a wide variety of information about lupus and also addresses important lupus-related issues including, pregnancy, dealing with work, explaining lupus to family and friends and much more.

MLG promotes self-management and offers management strategies to help cope with lupus and manage symptoms, side effects, emotional hurdles.

MLG also features videos of health care providers and patients describing their experiences with lupus and a support resources locator, just enter your postal code and search for resources near you.

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Access Code: lupuscanada

Research Publications

A major challenge for people living with lupus is the coping with their illness and complex care. MLG provides much needed informational resources for people with lupus, and their families, friends and health professionals.

Learn more about the importance of accessible engagement and self-management for persons with lupus by reading the scientific studies below.

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