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Spotlight on Fundraisers

Lupus Canada would like to spotlight the following fundraisers and extend our thanks to the individuals, communities, media and celebrities that are making a difference this Lupus Awareness Month. Your contribution to raising awareness for lupus is greatly appreciated.

Naina’s Fundraiser

Naina has a different life than most kids. At 9 years old she was diagnosed with lupus. She has weekly appointments to receive injections. She takes a daily cocktail of strong medicines. She can’t always do the things she used to because of pain in her joints, and has had to restrict her diet and activities to manage her condition. Extreme exhaustion overwhelms her. She can’t wear sunscreen so she doesn’t go to the beach anymore. She often must stop colouring from the pain in her fingers and wrists. Artwork has been a way for her to cope with difficult times. Watch the video to learn more about her colouring book and what she hopes to inspire.

Naina’s mother Ambika shared with us “My husband and I will never stop advocating for Naina. The road ahead is unclear, but like our rave kid has shown us, we control the things we can, and keep the faith for better days ahead. We count our blessings that we have each other – and your kind and generous support. We hope to create awareness and raise funds for finding a cure.”

To make a donation to Naina’s Fundraiser for Lupus Canada please visit

ArtfulXistence Fundraiser

Essence of a Butterfly presented by ArtfulXistence

On May 13th, ArtfulXistence presented Essence of a Butterfly in Surrey, BC in support of Lupus Awareness Month. Their evening started with a red carpet, included art by Kiyari as well as a one of a kind art piece raffle, entertainment, sweet treats and great company. Their thanks, as well as ours, is extended to the Sisters in Canada Wellness Society as well as Zenith and Bakes who helped to make this event the success that it was. Thank you all!

BigBunz Scrunchies Fundraiser

Leah, the creator and maker of BigBunz Scrunchies, also works fulltime as a Registered Nurse, in Mental Health and is a mom of a four-year-old boy. She makes luxurious scrunchies in all sizes that are strong enough to hold all day long, are soft and of course look amazing!

Lupus Canada encourages you to order a purple Lupus scrunchie for Lupus Awareness Month! Proceeds from each purple scrunchie will be donated to Lupus Canada. Please order your scrunchie by visiting or by contacting Leah Simcoe at @Bigbunzscrunchies on Instagram, or by email at Thank you, Leah, for your dedication and for helping us spread lupus awareness!

Jamie Tees Fundraiser

Jamie Tees has created a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery that when worn weaves a thread of connection through the lupus community.

To purchase your bracelet please visit

“My daughter started displaying symptoms at the age of 19 toward the end of her first year of university. She is now 21 and has been recently been diagnosed with lupus. Ultimately, she is the one who has to learn to live with and manage this disease, but as a parent watching her struggle hasn’t been easy. At this stage of life, when your child is moving toward independence and transitioning into adulthood, it is already tricky being a parent. When you add lupus into the equation, it is even more challenging and adds a whole new layer of stress. I am supporting from the sidelines when she is struggling now. It is tough, because at this age, a parent can’t just step in and take responsibility. So, accepting what I can not control, staying strong when she feels weak, keeping positive and learning as much as I can about lupus so I can understand is key. All of this is easier said than done, so creating these bracelets has been a way for me to channel my energy in a good way. It feels like a way I can support her through creating awareness. The more people know, the better they can be empathetic to those who are suffering. If I can also raise money to support research, then I believe there is hope for a cure. When I see others wearing a bracelet, it warms me knowing she is surrounded by others who believe in her strength and support her journey. This little project has connected me more with my daughter. She proudly wears a bracelet which serves as a little reminder that she is strong and a true warrior.” Jamie Tees

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