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Lupus Canada Fall 2022 Advocacy Campaign

Lupus Canada has embarked on a national advocacy campaign this Fall. The campaign is aimed to engage with our Elected Officials to:

    1. Provide a better understanding of what lupus is
    2. Emphasize the immediate need for a diversity of treatments

Given the complexity and diversity of lupus, no one expects a one size fits all treatment. A diverse illness requires a diversity of treatments. Lupus patients are falling through the cracks of the health care system due to the complexities of this disease.

This campaign is to urge our elected officials to publicly recognize and commit to Lupus Canada’s advocacy campaign, which seeks to change how new treatments are reviewed and to encourage a swifter review and approval allowing ALL Canadians equitable access to care.

We ask our Elected Officials to help us by doing the following:

    1. Help raise awareness by sharing lupus related information about lupus via social media.
    2. Follow Lupus Canada on social media to educate yourself and your colleagues about lupus.
    3. Speak in the House of Commons to raise concerns about lupus and the real impact early diagnosis and available dedicated treatments will have on the heath care system.

Join Lupus Canada to make a difference


To help advocate for those living with lupus please complete one of the forms below

Please use this form if you are a lupus patient submitting the letter

Please use this form if you are submitting the letter in support of a person living with lupus

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