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Celebrity Ambassadors

Our Celebrity Ambassadors Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Patrick McKenna and DeMar DeRozan are helping us secure more awareness of lupus through a variety of media opportunities as well as through their attendance at events held acrosss the country designed to increase awareness and raise funds. We are constantly seeking additional awareness opportunities with the media where we can leverage the endorsement of these high profile Ambassadors for our cause.

DeMar DeRozan

“As a recognizable athlete in Canada, I thought it is important to get involved to help my mom and aunt who are dealing with lupus.  I think it’s important to raise awareness for lupus globally.  Whether I support one person, or a thousand people, I’d like to inspire families to overcome their challenges and better understand what they’re facing.”
– DeMar DeRozan

Patrick McKenna

“Having Lupus directly affecting my family makes it easy to be involved with Lupus Canada — but I stay because of all the fabulous work they do”
– Patrick McKenna

Debra McGrath
Colin Mochrie

“We are involved with Lupus because we really believe that with money and focus, this terrible and complicated disease could become a thing of the past”
– Debra McGrath & Colin Mochrie

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