karine-221216My name is Karine and I’m from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

I have been diagnosed with lupus 10 years ago now I am 24. At that time I was in London for the year. How it started? I started to have temperature, and a lot of pain in my joints. I would take paracetamol and it would ease the pain for an hour and then the same temperature and pain. I had no appetite. Fortunately I started to get sick about a week before my departure home. So I changed the date and departed 2 days before. I arrived in Paris, where I was supposed to spend some time at my cousin’s before going back to Guadeloupe. He came to gare du nord to pick me up and I was so sick I couldn’t even carry my luggage. When my cousin and his girlfriend arrived I just collapsed. Then I woke up in the hospital. I was really blessed to be taken in very efficiently. They transferred me after a night or two in another hospital in Paris and it was there that they told me I had lupus. Don’t need to tell you the way I felt especially when the doctor told me that if I had arrived some hours later I would be….. because it has started to touch my vital organs. I tell you, I am blessed.

Today I am a teacher for 8 years, live my life, take my medication: prednisone and plaquenil and I am thankful. So much to say but I will stop here. I am the living proof that you can live a normal life despite the disease.