It is that time of the year. The time to think of all the ways the ways we can change-improve. One thing I know is that as a Lupus patient I need all the help I can get and this year I intend on making positive changes not just out of vanity but for my own health and my family’s well being. 

  1. Delegate: This year I intend on delegating some of my many chores and responsibilities to my very capable husband and kids. I have always taken on too many things on my own then I am running around screaming like a crazy person when no one helps! I started already: I made my husband in charge of hanging up both his and my son’s clothes. Done! One less thing for me to do and one less thing to worry about.  
  1. Set up a Support System: I have started this already by joining two wonderful Lupus support groups online, but I need to expand this support system to people in my community. I want to start a Lupus Support Group in my area. The closest one is half an hour away and I never go. We need to help each other in ways our families can’t-through complete understanding.  
  1. Be Active: Okay so I have gained over twenty pounds this past year and I am not going to stress about it anymore. I have tried to start exercise programs to lose weight but as anyone with Lupus knows, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you want to go out and exercise if your body refuses to cooperate. So, I am going to just be active every day in some way: either walking around the block or doing some yoga poses-something each day even if it is for just 10 minutes. Both walking and yoga will help with the stress also, so it’s a win-win! 
  1. Be My Own Advocate: Ever since I was diagnosed with Lupus it has been like my family secret that everyone knows but no one wants to discuss. Most people know nothing about it: either they think I am dying or they feel like it’s no big deal. So, this year I plan on working on spreading Lupus Awareness with my friends and family. I want to participate in a Lupus walk. I want to voice my concerns with my doctor instead of just going along with what he says because I am tired of feeling terrible all the time, so I am going to take the wheel and help myself.  
  1. Be Happy!: Okay so that seems so stupid to say that I am going to work on being happy, but with all the things that  could go wrong with this illness I need to focus on what is important: me and my family. From now on, I am not going to care what anyone else wants or expects from me. I am only going to do things that make me happy. This is not out of selfishness; you wouldn’t believe how stressed I get over letting down people at work or making others happy instead of focusing on what is really important to me. So I am done with stressing and living MY life.