lupus-story-jamesStarted having symptoms in 2010. My name is james Wiens I am a 37 year old father to two kids and loving husband to my wife Katherine. May 9th 2014 after 4 years of test I got my diagnosis, lupus. I had a general idea what it was but I did research to understand what was wrong with to increase my knowledge. I had minor complication develop pericarditis in my first year of diagnosis. Major issues where mobility, fatigue and fog. I feel like I have Alzheimer’s but I don’t. My mood tends to be very irritable the slightest thing can make me have a sensory overload.

I feel bad when it happens. In December 2015 i wish I was dead cause I couldn’t take it anymore then I met Nick Bjugstad from the Florida Panthers. He’s a player on my favourite hockey team. He truly became my hero and saved my life. I have a smile every time I think of that day. I joined a gym got a trainer to help me fight my illness. My goal is to say I am cured.  I changed my diet to avoid foods which can cause flares and inflammation. I am now able to do more then I used to. I’m stronger physically and I’m trying to get mentally stronger.  Being limited physically is a killer. I hate being tired all the time. This in a nutshell is my story.