I am thankful for my family. Really I am. But there are times when I secretly wish I could cater to how I feel and take a much-needed break; Thanksgiving is unfortunately one of those times. I am in the midst of a flare right now. I am hurting, adjusting to a higher dose of Plaquenil and experiencing a daily battle with horrible fatigue. But, come Thanksgiving Day I will be up at the crack of dawn prepping the bird and creating my famous stuffing.It is a tradition. It is expected. And it is not in my character to disappoint my family. Bouncing about in my conscience is the phrase, “You just have to!” I personally don’t feel there is an option for me to simply stay in bed that morning.I experience this conflicted feeling at other times too; knowing I should give myself a break yet not really willing to downgrade the task at hand to something more manageable. For example, at Christmas my home is host to “cookie day”. All the family comes over to our house for dinner and cookie making. The event lasts about six to seven hours and is fun, but horribly exhausting. But do I cancel cookie day? No. Despite my lupus, it is something I can’t even think about eliminating from our calendar.There are just certain things us warriors must buck-up and do and for me, Thanksgiving and certain Christmas events will always be one of them. So I try, depending on how I am feeling in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, to create an action plan. I approach most of my life like this; always making plans and preparing for what lupus might bring and how I might best survive it.