kasey-christensenMy name is Kasey and this is my Lupus story. I am 62 years old and have lived with Lupus for over 30 years. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 30. After many misdiagnosis and trial meds. At that time I was only having joint pain, fatigue, mouth sores, skin rashes. I did not concern myself too much with the diagnosis and carried on with my life. More good days than bad. In 2010 I was hosting my quilting retreat away from home. That’s when my life changed forever. My husband had to come and get me and take me to hospital. My students had to run their own retreat. At the hospital I was pretty much given every test known to man. The flare up at the retreat was full body acute shingles/nerve pain. Similar to being lit on fire. After all the tests came back the result was………. Vasculitis of the brain, pulmonary embolism, and my liver was not good. I was put on massive doses of prednisone and was in hospital for a very long time. I was barely coherent and not at all well. The Lupus has gone systemic. It is now 2016 and I have a very good life. Let me tell you how I live with systemic lupus. First of all I have a very understanding husband who does most of the cooking and cleaning as well as having a full time job. He feels that if I am having a good day i should spend it having fun not working. Also……..I am on substantial amounts of immune suppressants so I do not touch anything. I carry kleenex in my pocket and used them to touch anything from doors to bank machines. I get up every day and take it as a gift. I don’t think about having Lupus unless something is up and then I deal with it.
I am a very positive person and live my life that way. Don’t waste any time feeling sorry for myself or dwelling on it. I am still on a lot of meds but I am on this side of the grass and that works for me!