envirofilmOne environmental factor that is proven to trigger SLE is ultraviolet (UV) light. Envirofilms window film for sun protection has been recommended by physicians nationwide as a skin safe preventative measure for patients with solar sensitivity, skin related diseases and cancers of the skin.

Did you know that window film can help provide sun protection not only for your skin but also for your interior furnishings? Most people do not realize that harmful UV rays can pass through glass. The deep-penetrating Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays in particular can reach you behind a glass window or door in your home, office or car. Damage from UVA rays is cumulative as they penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the aging process, cause wrinkles and even skin cancer.

UVA rays account for 90% of the sun’s most damaging rays. While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet (UVA) rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer can still reach you. UVA rays streaming through glass not only can damage your skin and may contribute to wrinkles, photo damage, or worse, cancers of the skin, they also adversely affect fabrics and furnishings. Envirofilms window film product blocks up to 99.9% Ultraviolet Rays.

Lupus Canada is excited to partner with Envirofilmsto help people living with lupus have a way of protecting themselves from these harmful UV rays. We have partnered with Envirofilmsbecause they are specialized in providing window tinting services for homes, commercial buildings and autos in the Ottawa region. Their knowledgeable staff will recommend the right film for comfort, protection and to save energy. Envirofilmscarries a film for just about everything!

Should you not be in the Ottawa area, contact Lupus Canada for a company in your area.

5% of every sale will be donated to Lupus Canada

For more information on Envirofilms and the products they provide please visit www.envirofilms.ca