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Dealing with Hair Loss

Losing hair is a difficult experience. Hair may drift off one strand or a handful at a time. Hair loss may occur because of Lupus itself, stress, or medication. If you find your hair is particularly fragile, try some of these suggestions to get a fresh look.

Make hats and scarves can be stylish additions to […]

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Cooling Summer Recipes July 2016

The meal recipes used by Lupus Canada have been reviewed and approved by Heather Penney, Registered Dietitian.

Chilled summer borscht

This cold, creamy beet soup is a great way to cool down and lighten up on an especially hot summer day. Beets contain betatines which may contribute to a healthy heart.

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium red onion, […]

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Sun Safety

Summer fairs and festivals are abounding! Whether you pick a picnic in the park or choose to pick berries in the bushes, remember that you must not flirt too dangerously with the sun. People with Lupus have photosensitivity, or increased sensitivity to the sun, and need to adjust accordingly to avoid painful Lupus flares.

Here are […]

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