June offers warm temperatures without the nuisance of humidity and bugs. Before the summer gets too sticky and hot, enjoy these outdoors activities to keep active and stay healthy! Always remember to take care of your sensitive skin. The sun may cause lupus flares, so wear a wide-rimmed hat, long sleeves and pants, and a full-spectrum sunscreen. If you are particularly photosensitive, consider purchasing special UV protective clothing. Stress has a profound affect on your mental and physical wellbeing. Leaving the stress of constructed indoor spaces for the vast, beautiful outdoors for a day will help your body and mind. Always remember to stay well protected from the sun!


Nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Not only are the outdoors a great way to relieve stress, but so is the cardiovascular workout that comes with stretching your legs and climbing heights. Happy trails!


Board a boat and cruise of the wide waters to escape reality and chaos. Water can instil a profound sense of calm. Breathe in that crisp, clean, unadulterated oxygen. Many public lakes offer boat rental options.


Reconnect with friends, family, and nature by disconnecting from cell service. Put away the screens for a night or two and face the people you love most. Clear your mind from the daily stresses that come with lupus in the flames of a marshmallow-lined fire pit.


Casting a line can support wildlife and fisheries, contribute to conservation, relieve stress, and lead to a healthy meal full of Omega-3 fatty acids.