As a person with Lupus, more often than not, it may feel like you’re running on empty. Fatigue and lack of drive are frustrating features that come with having a chronic illness, but it does not need to be dreaded. You don’t have to dim your personal light simply because the batteries are low.  Here are a few ideas to help you start up your engines on a slow day.

Accept this new normal. Some days the fatigue might be better than others, but will always be a symptom of Lupus. Adjust your activities to a less busy schedule that takes your limitation into account. It’s good to rest.

Get some sunny D! Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause Lupus flares. Due to photosensitivity in Lupus patients, they are often vitamin-D deficient. Taking a vitamin-D supplement may help with fatigue.

Lace up your runners.  It may seem like a contradiction, but exercise can fix fatigue and boost energy. Studies have shown that less than an hour of light-to-moderate exercise can boost energy even in patients with chronic illnesses.