To combat those nasty November winter woes, do some indoor body awareness exercises indoors. Relieve stress and pain not by numbing or ignoring it, but instead by locating it and focusing on it with slow movement, awareness based exercises.

Stay indoors and join a yoga class! Hatha yoga uses asanas (body postures) to practice mindfulness and reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle for those suffering from chronic pain and lifelong diseases. Regular classes of this low-impact activity have been shown to reduce stress, lessen pain, and improve feelings of depression.

Tai Chi
Loosen your shoulders, stretch your spine, and soften your neck with tai chi exercises. It is a gentle and relaxing exercise for both your body and mind. The simple movements are easy on your heart, joints, and muscles. Just 15 minutes a day of tai chi may bring you a mental and physical retreat!

Not only great ways to tuck in your tummy, Pilates exercises also promote body awareness may even lead to improved moods. This core-strengthening exercise will help you gain better control of your body and subsequently, increase personal satisfaction.