Lupus_SmartphoneLupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation in any part of the body. It is estimated that Lupus affects over 1:1000 Canadian men, women and children and 5 million people worldwide.

As a result of Lupus being so under-recognized and under-funded, research and technology has been struggling to keep up to the disease’s debilitating symptoms. It took half a century for the first new treatment for Lupus, Benlysta, to be approved for use in 2011. But where medical innovation is slowly moving, other technologies are vying to fill the void and support people living with Lupus.

There is an abundance of different Smartphone apps to keep a track of this difficult and sometimes overwhelming disease, so pull out your phone! These attentive pocket-buddies will help you manage the signs and symptoms of Lupus in your daily life and make your next appointment much easier.

Lupus App (Android, free)
This #1 rated app has insightful information on Lupus, manages your meds, reminds you of your appointments, and tracks your symptoms with both text and photos.

LupusTracker Pro (Android, $2.99)
This grid-like app allows you to input your symptoms and conditions in a daily calendar.

We Can Beat Lupus (Android, free)
Don’t go through Lupus alone. With this app, you can read in-depth, personal stories about overcoming the everyday challenges that come with living with Lupus.

Lupus Companion (iOS, free)
Developed by doctors with input from patients, this is the Lupus app for iPhone users. The Lupus Companion makes it simple to record how you are feeling day-to-day and present to your medical professional at your next appointment.