Lupus Canada Launches Research Funding Program

Program Overview

The Lupus Canada Catalyst Grant Program was launched to support high calibre start-up projects that have the potential to significantly advance the field or impact the lives of persons living with lupus and their families. This grant provides support to investigators to initiate new research ideas and projects and is intended to complement rather than compete with traditional sources of funding such as the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). Our hope is that investigators who receive an LC grant will have greater success in obtaining larger multiyear grants from traditional funders.

Important Dates

Funding Opportunity Launch March 2017
Registration Deadline June 2, 2017
Application Deadline July 4, 2017
Anticipated Notice of Decision September 30, 2017
Funding Start Date January 1, 2017

How to Apply

Interested investigators should review the full program description and eligibility requirements in our Funding Opportunity Announcement (below).


Important Documents

Past Competitions

Competition Application Metrics Funded Projects
Catalyst Grant 2016 1/6 Applications Funded


$31,000 Awarded

Principal Investigator: Dr. William T. Gibson


Institution: University of British Columbia


Project Title: Role of Topoisomerase Genes in Childhood-Onset SLE


Project Lay Summary: We are looking for rare mutations that are strong genetic risk factors for lupus in children. In a South Asian family with closely-related parents, we have found a rare mutation in a DNA repair protein called TOP1MT. We have also found two more rare genetic variants in TOP1MT in a group of nearly 50 children with lupus that started in childhood. Thus, we believe we have found a new “lupus gene,” and are seeking funds to prove what we think to be true – that rare mutations in TOP1MT cause childhood-onset lupus and may cause adult-onset lupus as well. If we are right, we will have a new angle on how to diagnose and treat some cases of lupus.



Contact Information

For questions about this funding opportunity, application instructions or peer review process, please contact:

Leanne Mielczarek
Manager, National Operations
Lupus Canada